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First things First

First, we should say that the type of recordings we're interested in making available to Internet listeners are performances in the arts, humanities or social sciences relevant to English studies -- the sort of work that we post in text on the EServer. If you aren't already familiar with the EServer, please feel free to browse our collections.

The EServer is a cooperative effort, and the works we post are owned by their creators. When you send us a video tape, audiotape, compact disk or upload a recording of a work you'd like us to consider, we will have the recording judged by at least two editors, who will decide whether the EServer can offer the computing resources necessary to serve your recording to Internet listeners. If our editors think the work is appropriate, we will create a streaming version of the recording and have you sign a license agreement, giving us permission to post your work online. The permission will be revocable at any time.

How to Contribute...