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Lectures on Demand Ivy in front of building

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Welcome to EServer Lectures on Demand, a collection of streaming academic and culturally related lectures. We invite you to browse and view the presentations as you wish. If you have a recording of one of your presentations that you feel may be suitable for the collection, please contact us for more information.

  title author length date added  
  About the EServer Geoffrey Sauer 0:49:20  11/09/2005  
  Against Publication Frank Donaghue 0:43:23  10/12/2009  
  Alienations of the Mother Tongue Camilla Benolirao Griggers 0:43:36  01/04/2001  
  'All That Is Holy Is Profaned' David Ruccio and Joseph Buttigieg 0:22:01  02/20/2004  
  Bodies of Knowledge for Technical Communication Geoffrey Sauer, David Dayton, and Carolyn D. Rude 00:58:39  03/20/2010  
  The Campaign for Jack Trice Stadium Jaime Schultz 0:30:57  06/28/2005  
  Collaborative Document Reviews with Adobe Acrobat Chris Thiessen and Scott McCallum 0:45:44  08/26/2009  
  Community Based Research Susan Swan 0:48:34  05/05/2000  
  A Comparative Study of Lexical Bundles Viviana Cortes 0:31:59  10/18/2006  
  The Da Vinci Code: Fact, Fiction or Fake? Michael Bailey, David Hunter, John Cunnally, and Gloria Betcher 1:04:22  03/07/2006  
  Databases and Textbooks Can Become Allies Geoffrey Sauer 0:28:14  12/19/2011  
  Design (for) Ourselves and Others Mary B. Coney 0:53:08  12/21/2000  
  Dialectics and Progress Bertell Ollman 0:33:29  02/20/2004  
  End World Slavery Now Kevin Bales 0:57:42  07/28/2009  
  Evaluating and Assessing Digital Scholarship Cheryl E. Ball 01:17:10  02/15/2010  
  Get to Know XML Geoffrey Sauer 01:41:02  02/15/2010  
  Jacksonian Mobs and the Rise of Antislavery Poetry Joe Lockard 0:23:19  04/03/2006  
  Killing the Angel in the House Noel Holton Brathwaite 0:15:32  11/29/2005  
  Making an American Citizen Leland Poague, Amy Bix and Barb Blakely 1:30:24  10/13/2005  
  Mamet's Eisensteinian Success Story Christopher C. Hudgins 0:20:44  01/18/2006  
  Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Susan Yager, Laura Mielke and Kathleen Hickok 0:31:44  11/25/2003  
  The Memoirs of Boston King Neal Lester 0:13:47  09/30/2005  
  Mise-en-Scène in the Films of David Mamet Steven Price 0:21:30  01/20/2006  
  The Natick Resolution Henry C. Wright 0:10:52  02/22/2006  
  Oleanna on Stage and Screen Ira Bruce Nadel 0:20:45  01/20/2006  
  On the Razor's Edge A. L. Becker 1:04:52  02/19/1999  
  Othello Susan Carlson, Jim Gilchrist and Allen Michie 0:41:47  03/11/2004  
  The Place of the Internet Geoffrey Sauer 0:30:47  04/07/2000  
  Planning Ahead in Tech Comm Peggy Jacobson 1:02:05  12/03/2001  
  The Politics of Knowledge Production Charles Cunningham 0:14:23  06/23/1998  
  Probabalistic Math and Rhetoric Terri Palmer 0:24:22  04/01/2001  
  The Red Wheel Barrow Neil Nakadate, Laura Winkiel and David Zimmerman 0:41:47  04/18/2004  
  Rhetoric and Pragmatics Alan Gross 0:35:54  02/06/1998  
  Screencasting for Dummies (and Smarties) Amy Tehan 0:37:51  11/06/2009  
  "Send Whatever You Want" Quinn Warnick 0:12:49  11/16/2005  
  Shakespeare and Tradition John Hart 1:09:21  11/03/1997  
  Sipping from The Crystal Goblet Jennifer Veltsos 0:12:58  12/14/2005  
  Software "Issues" in Higher Education Geoffrey Sauer 0:53:34  08/17/2009  
  Software Environs for Tech Writing Eric Nyberg 0:50:23  11/13/1998  
  Sounding it Out Kathy Newman 0:54:32  03/30/1998  
  Staging Identity & Community Kenya Dworkin y Méndez 1:02:44  10/24/1998  
  Surveying the City of Bits Chris Werry 0:38:10  03/24/2000  
  Susan Glaspell's 'A Jury of Her Peers' Margaret Baker Graham, Christiana Langenberg and Barb Blakely Duffelmeyer 0:59:54  03/29/2006  
  Theory & History in English Samantha Fenno 0:15:27  10/25/1998  
  Thinking About the Millennium Peter N. Stearns 0:49:06  12/01/1999  
  TOPIC/ICON: A System for Distributed Assessment to Improve Student Writing Education Rich Rice 0:34:05  04/05/2007  
  A Torch for Tomorrow Zoe Trodd 1:01:39  07/30/2008  
  Using Moodle Course Websites Rebecca E. Burnett, Geoffrey Sauer and Quinn Warnick 0:55:40  11/13/2006  
  What Happened on the Road to Peace Michael Tarazi 1:02:54  04/01/2004  
  'Where The Hell Did I Put It?' Gilbert Wilkes 0:41:22  11/14/1998